Country Meadows PTO, Dec. 11, 2020

12/12 DEADLINE to Sign Up for the After-School Virtual Aquarium Event

The Country Meadows PTO is sponsoring an after-school virtual live event with the Glen Echo Park Aquarium. Visit the aquarium virtually and learn about freshwater and sea animals and about caring for the environment. Children will have the opportunity to ask questions in the Live Chat–all from the comfort of home. The program will be at 2:05 PM on Tues., Dec. 15, a KCSD96 Early Realease Day.

The program is free; however, registration is required. To receive a program link, complete and submit THIS FORM. Include the name of EACH Country Meadows student in your family who will attend this free virtual program. Registration must be submitted by Dec. 12. 

December Creativity Contest

Watch Principal's Announcements on Monday and the blog next week for winners of our November Scarecrow contest. 

Now, for December, it's time to share your family's holiday traditions and winter fun!

Get to Know Our Board!

With the remote school year and everything going on behind the scenes, you've probably not known much about our PTO Executive Board! Next year's positions are opening soon and we would love to have you join us! If you'd like to connect with any one of us to talk about how you can volunteer, please reach out!

2020–2021 Executive Board

Name: Debbie L. Sainte-Rose
PTO Position: President
Years of Service on the Board: I have served on the Board for three years. I was Recording Secretary for two years prior to assuming the role of President.
Do you work outside the home? I am a stay-at-home mom and volunteer at several community organizations that I'm passionate about.
My favorite part of being on the Board is that I value the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded parents to discuss, plan, and make decisions about activities and events that will help enhance the school and build comm"UNITY."
You should join the Board because firstly, the PTO cannot exist without a Board–in particular, a Board president. Secondly, the Board plays a key role in many of the school programs and activities that parents may not be aware of, like Dessert Day, Special Lunch, Book Fair, Science Fair, Spirit Wear, Classroom Parties, Cultural Arts Assemblies, After-School Events, and items purchased for the school, such as books for the Learning Center and teachers' Wish List items. These programs would not exist without the Board and committees. Thirdly, you meet other wonderful parents and school staff. You become known and informed.

Name: Sarah Baker
PTO Position: Vice President
Years of Service on the Board: Three years as Vice President
My favorite part of being on the Board is deciding which fun events we should provide to our students. I also love all the friendships I have developed over the years. I love that I can get to know the teachers and staff and see my child interacting with his friends.
You should join the Board because you can help shape the experiences your child will have at Country Meadows. You have lots of opportunities to be in the school and interact with your child and your child's teachers. It is fun and surprisingly easy, while also being very rewarding.


Name: Ashley Yoo
PTO Position: Vice President
Years of Service on the Board: I have been on the Board for 3 years.
My favorite part of being on the Board is getting to know what is really going on in my kids' life at school and getting to know other parents and friends of my kids. I love all the experiences with the kids' activities at school and the after-school events.
You should join the Board because it allows you to be involved in your kids' school in terms of what really is going on at school and how the program is working. And I also feel like it is our responsibility to know and help out at school as a parent.

Name: Julia Cherner
PTO Position: Corresponding Secretary
Years of Service on the Board: This is my second year at Country Meadows as Corresponding Secretary. I was previously the VP of Fundraising for the Willow Grove PTO.
Do you work outside the home? I own and operate a private physical therapy practice called Smart Spine and Rehab. I work crazy hours early mornings, late nights, but it leaves me just enough room to help out at the school and give back to the kids.
My favorite part of being on the Board is it's probably the best networking opportunity ever. I've met so many local families and it helps to get to know my kids' friends' parents. We are all part of one community and this is so much more meaningful (and easier) than joining a book club, Mom's Night Out, Chamber of Commerce, or similar group.
You should join the Board because, basically, we need you! We have very generous parents in our school and, therefore, lots of opportunities to give back, but someone has to manage and arrange it all! The PTO organizes and creates so many more enrichment and development options for our kids, while everyone assumes it's done via tax dollars and district efforts. The PTO needs volunteers to be able to keep everything running.

Name: Kelly Friedrich
PTO Position: Operations Secretary
Years of Service on the Board: First year on the Board
Do you work outside the home? I am a stay-at-home mom (a SAHM!).
My favorite part of being on the Board is that I love being a part of the school behind the scenes and being involved with other parents and kids (in a normal year) and seeing events, fun teacher appreciation surprises, and fundraising come together.
You should join the Board because being on the Board is a great opportunity to use your skills to help plan behind the scenes while also forming bonds with other parents and getting to know the staff and children. It's a great feeling being on the team responsible for organizing fun events for the schoool.

Name: Heather Skuble
PTO Position: Recording Secretary
Years of Service on the Board: This is my first year on the Country Meadows PTO Executive Board. I also serve on the Willow Grove PTO Executive Board as Vice President of Room Parents, 2020–21, and Recording Secretary, 2018–19.
Do you work outside the home? I am a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Faculty at Rush College of Nursing.
My favorite part of being on the Board is I value the importance of lifelong learning and I believe in giving back to the community that educates my children.
You should join the Board because I believe in the importance of diversity and having a PTO Board that is reflective of our community. It is important to have a PTO Board and school of volunteers that include moms and dads, working parents, and parents who work from their homes. For me, I want my children to see my active involvement in their school as a showing that the work they do here at Country Meadows is important. In my family, we truly believe that it takes a village and that includes volunteering at the school to support our educators and extracurricular activities.

Name: Bob Christian
PTO Position: Treasurer
Years of Service on the Board: I have served three years as a member of the PTO Executive Board: two years as Treasurer and one year as Corresponding Secretary.
Do you work outside the home? Yes, I work full-time outside the home.
My favorite part of being on the Board is the ability to give back to the school and community along with helping to plan programs that will benefit the students' growth.
You should join the Board because you can become closely involved with the school, community, and the student programs that offer enrichment. It is a precious moment in time that you will never be able to replace.