Repairing or Replacing Your iPad

Apple Warranty

  • Apple warrants the iPads from defects in materials and workmanship for one year after purchase. This limited warranty covers normal use, mechanical breakdown, or faulty construction and will provide replacement parts necessary to repair the iPad or replace it.
  • If iPad misuse and abuse become a habitual problem, an administrative decision will be made regarding the student's further take-home privileges.

Insurance Coverage

  • The annual technology fee paid as part of registration will pay for the initial iPad case, charging cable, power brick, pencil, apps, and self-insurance for the school-issued iPad for repair and replacement in the event of theft, loss, or accidental damage.
  • All repair/replacement claims must be reported to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible so that the iPad can be repaired by the KCSD 96 Technology Department. 
  • This plan covers any two incidents of loss or accidental damage to the accessories as a group (case, charger, and USB charging cable) and two incidents of loss or accidental damage to the iPad itself, with one covered incident for the pencil. It does not cover intentional damage to the iPad or accessories. Students and parents may be responsible for the full cost of repair and/or replacement of an intentionally damaged iPad, case, pencil, charger, or USB charging cable. If a student exhausts both covered accidental incidents per group, further accidental damage will also be charged at the full cost of repair and/or replacement.
Group Accidental Damage/Loss Incidents Intentional Damage Incidents
Case/Charger/Cable 2 0
iPad 2 0
Pencil 1 0

Reporting Theft or Vandalism

In the event of a fire, acts of God, theft, or vandalism, the student and the student’s parents/guardians must report the incident immediately to the homeroom teacher and principal, who will notify the Kildeer Countryside School District 96 Technology Department. If procedures fail to locate a presumed stolen device on District property, it is mandatory that a police report immediately be filed by the parents and student and a copy of the report be provided to the principal. No consideration of a replacement device will be determined until these steps are followed.

Fraudulent reporting of theft will be turned over to law enforcement officials for prosecution. A student making a false report will also be subject to school disciplinary action.

The District may work with law enforcement agencies to be aware of this District-owned equipment. 

Loss/Replacement of iPads

If a student loses or destroys the school-issued iPad, an administrative decision will determine whether the student will be issued a loaner iPad (if available), whether home privileges will be continued or denied, or whether the student must complete assignments using alternative methods for the rest of the school year without an iPad.