2023-2024 transportation opt-in

Each student in grades K-8 that plans to use district-provided transportation must opt-in to bus services. Bus routes will only be assigned to students who opt-in to services in the free transportation-zoned and fee-based zoned schools.

Students that walk to and from school or get dropped off/picked up every school day, for example, should opt-out of district bus transportation.

To utilize District bus transportation, you must opt-in.

Please read the acknowledgments below before deciding to opt-in to transportation services at the bottom of this page.

Student transportation is free for all students living outside 1.5 miles from the school or having an IDOT-designated hazardous route preventing safe access to school. The state of Illinois allows bus stops to be placed 1.5 miles from the student's home for school transportation. District 96, however, believes that is too far, and thus we try to keep our bus stops within a quarter-mile from the student's address. District 96 bus stops are community stops designed to serve an area as safely and efficiently as possible. Bus stops for elementary and middle school students may vary and sometimes be further for middle school students.

To provide the safest and most efficient transportation for our students and community, District 96 needs your partnership. By opting into district-provided transportation, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Bus stops are designed to be within ¼ mile (1320 ft.) of the student’s residence of record. School District 96 attempts to adhere to this parameter for all students, but it may not be possible in some subdivisions due to road design. District 96 avoids bus stops in cul de sacs and dead-end streets to the extent possible.
  2. Bus stop locations are community stops designed to serve all students equally and efficiently. Stops are often located at cross streets and corners. Ride times vary from school to school and route to route. 
  3. School District 96 will provide an estimated arrival time for each bus route approximately one week before the start of school. 
  4. During the first two weeks of school, bus routes may run up to 30 minutes late. This is to be expected as all stakeholders become familiar with new routines.
  5. Students are expected to arrive at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes before the estimated arrival time. Conversely, buses may arrive at the designated bus stop up to 10 minutes later than the estimated arrival time in the afternoon. The times provided are estimates only and will normalize as the school year progresses.
  6. Bus drivers are not permitted to adjust the bus route at the request of a parent/guardian. 
  7. District 96 does not provide home stops for general transportation. 
  8. To provide efficient transportation for all students, convenience change requests and personalized accommodations will not be considered. 
  9. Students who opt-in to transportation after August 1st are not guaranteed bus service before the start of school. Students who opt-in late may not receive transportation until after Labor Day. 
  10. Students who have an address change and provide the required documentation after August 1st are not guaranteed bus service before the start of school. 

The District reserves the right to deny the use of the bus to any student not meeting behaviorial expectations as detailed in the Student Transportation section of the Parent/Student Handbook linked HERE.

Families that did not opt-in for transportation during registration must complete the transportation opt-in form below to use district bus services.