Innovative Thinkers Focused On Their Local Real World

Woodlawn Middle School 8th graders Olivia Qian and Madailein O'Brien and 7th graders Ender Starr, Casey Kupferschmid, and Michael Todorov saw their hard work pay off on Jan. 14 at the FIRST LEGO League State Competition.

They accepted the Project Innovation Award and learned they also have been nominated for the Global Innovation Award.

Their FIRST LEGO League project–addressing the theme hydro dynamics (how we find, transport, use, or dispose of water)–examined the real-world problem of well contamination. The students’ research and consultation with a real-world vendor led to their creation of the U-Turn Vent to prevent a problem they knew had previously contributed to temporary shut-down of a well serving Woodlawn Middle School.

The opportunity to develop innovative solutions to submit for consideration to continue competing has this team of Woodlawn students–known as The Ninja Kitties of Terror–very excited about what they can accomplish together. They’re also getting some helpful coaching support from Clare O’Brien and Evie Lee, who are Woodlawn alumni.