Twin Groves Shines in State Science Olympiad Competition

Twin Groves Middle School proudly salutes students who competed in the 2019 Illinois Science Olympiad State Tournament at the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) on Apr. 13.

Illinois Science Olympiad (ISO) is a non-profit devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and recognizing outstanding achievement in science education. Well-prepared and practiced teams from across Illinois made excelling at this event especially challenging. 

Twin Groves students are celebrating outstanding results: an overall 6th-place finish among 50 middle school teams!

District 96 congratulates our student competitors and their sponsors who worked diligently throughout this school year to achieve this significant success.

Competitors include:
• Mihir Putcha and Ali Hussain (Battery Buggy–3rd place)

• Ali Hussain and Srikar Venkatesan (Circuit Lab–3rd place)

• Harish Sathish and Aditya Ramesh (Crime Busters – 1st place)

• Mihir Putcha and Srikar Venkatesan (Density Lab– 1st place)

• Julie Kim, Vivi Sankar, and Jacob Edley (Experimental Design – 3rd place)

• Andrey Vlasov and Siddhant Sen (Fossils – 5th place)

• Tyler Li and Tyler Martini (Game On – 1st place)

• Jacob Edley and Andrey Vlasov (Meteorology – 4th place)

• Julie Kim and Vivi Sankar (Potions and Poisons – 5th place)

• Mihir Putcha and Julie Kim (Thermodynamics – 2nd place)