(formerly known as the Foundation for Education)

Our Vision: To provide resources to give every child access to 21st-century learning

Our Mission: To partner with the community to enhance learning opportunities for our children

To ensure we can accomplish our vision and mission, our actions and behavior will always reflect the following:

Core Values and Beliefs:

  • District 96 schools are the heart of the community
  • Outstanding public schools benefit the entire community economically, culturally, and intellectually
  • Community involvement through collaboration and private funding, improves the quality of public education
  • All students should have access to the resources they need to develop to their fullest potential
  • District 96 teachers deserve community support to enhance their professional development

Alumni Scholarship Awards

  • Created in 2001, the Marc E. Spivak Scholarship recognizes District 96 alumni for whom service is a passion. Recipients of this award are focused students who seek to enrich their school and/or community.  They give back by volunteering their time and talent, generating support for a worthy cause, and providing leadership and encouragement.  The Friends & Alumni of KCSD96 awards two (2) Marc E. Spivak $1,000 scholarships each year in honor of the former District 96 Board of Education member and Foundation president - a public servant and a strong advocate for students.

  • Created in 2010, the Dr. Thomas W. Many Scholarship, created in 2010, recognizes District 96 alumni for whom education and leadership is an aspiration.  Recipients of this award are students who have shown an intense desire to help others become successful through their leadership in their school and/or community.  Dr. Many retired as Superintendent in 2010 following two decades of service to the District 96 community as a champion for children’s learning and achievement.  The Friends & Alumni of KCSD96 is proud to award two (2) $1,000 scholarships each year in the name of our former superintendent.

Friends & Alumni Executive Board/Committee Members:

  • Lenna ScottPresident
  • Robin Eisenstot, Secretary
  • Dr. Michael Klass, Treasurer
  • Scott Fishkin, Member
  • Heather FriziellieAdministrative Liaison
  • Sylvia Lima, Member
  • Lynne Schneider, Member
  • Julie SchmidtSuperintendent of Schools
  • Hon. Beverly Sussman, Member
  • Martin Sussman, Member
  • Marc Tepper, Ex officio Member
  • Geoff Tollefson, Member