Kildeer Principal's Message- February 14th

Valentine's Day

Dear Kildeer Families,

Happy Valentine's Day! Our school was full of smiles and love all week, but especially today. This is one of my favorite parties of the year because we slow down to appreciate kindness and taking care of each other. Thank you so much to our PTO parent volunteers that were able to take the time to plan such fun parties for students. Fifth graders, I hope you enjoyed your last holiday party at Kildeer. This is when I start to get does time fly so fast?

The theme of trimester two has been about being brave, and I need to give a HUGE shout-out to our 2nd graders. This week they had their first musical performance of their elementary career. I cannot get over how catchy the tunes were and how animated our students were on stage. Parents, you were adorable, too, with the smiles plastered on your faces. Way to go 2nd grade for being brave. Mr. Tatar, you've outdone yourself once again! 


The Guiding Coalition for Interculturalism (GCI) is looking to include student voice in the weekly district staff blog! Click here to access a short survey that your child can complete if they are interested, and their answers may appear in the staff newsletter!


Dear Parents of all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students,

We wanted to let you know that our Human Growth and Development unit will be starting February 24th and end on Feb 27. All of the materials we use will be available for your viewing through a district website that we have created.  If you would like us to send you the link please email us and we will be happy to send it to you.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you.  We enjoy teaching your children every day and hope you enjoy the three day weekend!


Mr. Emde and Ms. Groessl

[email protected]

[email protected]


Parent Communication about Spring Conferences

Spring Conferences are coming on Thursday, March 12th from 5pm-8:30pm and Friday, March 13th from 10am-1:30pm .   The Sign-Up Genius will be sent to you on Tuesday, February 18th.  Please be on the lookout for it on Tuesday!  

Spring Conferences are Collaborative Conferences!  

Collaborative conferences means that your child will be leading the conference.  The purpose of collaborative conferences is for educators, students and families to discuss, reflect and celebrate student work, and for families to experience school through their child's eyes.  Students have been working hard to prepare for the conference, and we are excited for you to learn about your child’s progress directly from your child!   

Teachers will be available in the room as guides and will be available to answer student questions or elaborate on a point a student is making, but we ask that all participants respect that this is the student’s opportunity to lead the conference by sharing progress and reflections about their own learning. 

Please read below to learn specific information about how collaborative conferences will be structured at the elementary level. 

Grades EC-1st Grade 

Families will sign-up for a 15 minute conference. One student/family partnership will be in the room at a time.  The conference will begin with your child presenting his/her current progress, reflections, celebrations and areas for continued growth.  The classroom teacher will be at the table with the student, but the student will lead the conference.   

Teachers will be available to facilitate and assist in answering specific questions. 

Grades 2nd-5th Grade

Families will sign-up for a 30 minute conference.  Three family/student partnerships may be in the room at one time.  Student/Family partnerships will sit in a private space to engage in the conference.  The conference will begin with your child presenting his/her current progress, reflections, celebrations and areas for continued growth. Teachers will be available to facilitate and can answer brief questions at the conclusion of the student portion.  

What is the Role of Families during Collaborative Conferences?

  • Provide reinforcement, encouragement and praise

  • Listen and ask questions 

  • Help students look realistically at quality of work

  • Facilitate student’s self-reflection and goal setting

  • Be a partner in learning

  • See school through their student’s eyes

Questions Families Can Ask During the Collaborative Conference

  • What is your favorite piece of work? Why? 

  • Describe your favorite activities or subjects.

  • What experiences at school do you find the most exciting?

  • Are there experiences that frustrate you, if so why?

  • What goals have you set for yourself for this spring?

  • How can I help you at home?


This is the time of year we start to see some behaviors pop. I know that we are all working hard together to best support our students to make the best of choices. As a school, we've committed to three things that we hope all of the adults can reinforce in the building:

1) Walking safely in the hallways.

2) Keeping our bathrooms clean.

3) Greeting each other across settings (hallways, cafeteria, office, etc.)

If you get a chance, ask your child how they think they do with each of these above and make a plan for how to make it even better at school! 



Calling all girls in Grades 3 to 5! The Girls on the Run program will be starting very soon and registration is still open! We are so excited to be able to accept 20 girls this season! Practices will be held at Kildeer on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM beginning Thursday, March 5th through the end of the school year. It is very important that your daughter can attend all practices in order to participate in this wonderful opportunity! Please register at: "Girls on the Run is so much fun! Yeah!"


Our Learning Center is seeking volunteers to help us with:

1. Assisting students with locating and checking out materials.

2. Checking in and shelving returned materials.

3. Various tasks (i.e. rotating displays, straightening shelves)

Our Library Team is happy to provide training for each volunteer!

If you are able to help support our Learning Center, please use the SignUpGenius link below:

We are happy to have individual volunteers on a regular basis, as well as when your schedule allows.


Regarding the Coronavirus: Info and Guidance for Schools

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has issued this information and guidance–including Frequently Asked Questions regarding the coronavirus–for families whose students attend Illinois Kdg–Grade 12 schools.

The info includes this related link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, which is frequently updated.

The IDPH continues to advise that the best way to prevent infection by this virus is similar to the precautions recommended to avoid the seasonal flu, including frequent hand washing.



Be sure to check out THIS PAGE to see what before or after school activities are available for your child! 


The partnership with our PTO is extremely important at Kildeer. Please take a moment each week to review the information to learn how you can get involved, support Kildeer, and dates to mark your calendar!

Catch up on very important information from our PTO!


  • Bingo Blast is A GO!!! Friday, Feb. 21st 5:30-7:30. Pre-Order Now on Membership Toolkit

  •  We NEED DONATIONS for the Raffle Baskets and we MADE IT EASY- go to the Raffle Basket Amazon Wish List at and pick out an item(s) and the item automatically gets sent to the appropriate person and will be featured in a raffle basket!! (Link is for Desktop or laptop use only)

  • Family Tubing Night At Wilmot is Thursday, Feb. 27th from 4-9PM Unlimited Tubing! New this year: No Pre-Registration, Pay at the door and mention Kildeer fundraiser any time within the time frame to enjoy this event! (Click the link to Read our Blog for more information)  

  • 5th Grade Parents: Send in your child’s baby picture by Friday 2/14 for a special tribute in the yearbook (click the link to our Blog for more information)

  • 5th Grade Parents: Log On to Membership Toolkit and Order Your Professional Video of Kildeer’s 5th Grade Variety Show! The Professional Recording of the show will be delivered through a Downloadable Link- There will be NO DVD Sales. Check out more details on our Facebook Page!

Alright, Kildeer....we have a three-day weekend ahead of us, full of fun and family time! My family is going to the Dells to enjoy a little waterpark action. I hope you enjoy the three days ahead, too! 

Did you know NEXT FRIDAY is our annual Bingo Blast? This is one of our best events of the year, planned by our amazing PTO. This group of parents goes above and beyond to make amazing things happen for our kids. For example, did you know that the money that is raised from nights like Bingo Blast goes towards things like our author visits this year? When you come to hang with your family, you are giving right back to our school community.  

Please consider putting this event in your calendar and joining our Kildeer community for some family fun! Mr. Higgins and I will see you there! 


Mrs. Vail Kieser