Book Idea Lists, Incoming Kindergartner through 5th Grader

Summer Reading Book Ideas are based on a student's grade during the 2019–20 school year. For example, a student entering Grade 2 in the upcoming 2020–21 school year, should select Completed 2019–20 as a First Grader.

Middle School Required Reading Assignment, Grades 6–8

District 96 students in Grades 6–8 in the upcoming 2020–21 school year have a required Summer Reading Challenge: Read Outside Yourself.

Students must read ONE book from the list and complete as many of the challenges as possible.
Complete for the first day of school: 

  1. The chart included in the Middle School Required Reading Assignment
  2. Your letter to your future teacher
  3. The book you selected from the linked list (or, simply include in the chart the title/author of the book you read)