Ivy Hall Elementary School Students & Staff U.S.Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings named 320 schools across the nation 2008 No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Schools, among them Ivy Hall Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Blue Ribbon recognition is awarded to public and private elementary and middle schools that are either academically superior or demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement.

The District 96 school earned the prestigious national Blue Ribbon recognition for helping students achieve at high levels. Ivy Hall students scored in the top ten percent of Illinois students on state tests.

Principal Dr. Peter King attributes his students' success to a variety of factors. “Our teachers collaborate with others across District 96 to create a curriculum framework that serves as a blueprint for the lessons our students learn. The staff continuously provide interventions to support students who struggle and extend learning for those who excel.”

school assembly celebrationDr. King notes, “The percentage of Ivy Hall students who meet or exceed state standards has grown significantly during the last five years; today, approximately 96 percent of Ivy Hall students meet or exceed state standards.”

“The support of the Board of Education and district families also contributes dramatically to our students’ success," he adds. "We have good students supported by hardworking families and a community committed to education.”

Another District 96 school – Twin Groves Middle School (Buffalo Grove, Illinois)–was awarded national Blue Ribbon Recognition in fall 2007 for outstanding student achievement.

Read more about this news as featured in the September 18, 2008, issue of the Daily Herald. Visit the photo gallery from the school assembly celebration.