Congratulations to Our ILMEA Musicians

Congratulations to our middle school students selected to perform in the 2016 Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) Music Festivals in November.

We know they devote many hours to practice and applaud their commitment to learning and to building their skills as musicians.

We join KCSD96 Band Teachers Chad Craw (Woodlawn MS) and Dan Nagle (Twin Groves MS), Orchestra Teachers Eileen Wronkiewicz (Woodlawn MS) and Cara Ying (Twin Groves MS), and Chorus Teachers Dawn Bussert (Twin Groves) and Sarah Wesbecher (Woodlawn) in congratulating their students:

Shreya Gandham, grade 8, soprano (Twin Groves)
Allyson Horvath, grade 8, soprano (Twin Groves)
Vaasudeva Kakuturu, grade 7, viola (Woodlawn)
Amrita Johar, grade 7, soprano (Woodlawn)
Anthony Katernoza, grade 8, trumpet (Twin Groves)
Christine Irlbeck, grade 8, alto (Woodlawn)
Bella Kim, grade 8, principal viola (Twin Groves) 
Jessie Kim, grade 8, violin (Twin Groves)
Esther Lee, grade 8, flute (Woodlawn)
Joyce Li, grade 6, oboe (Twin Groves)
Sean Li, grade 8, flute (Twin Groves)
Amelia Lin, grade 7, cello (Woodlawn)
Karl Lutz, grade 7, alto saxophone (Twin Groves)
Ella O'Neall, grade 7, alto (Woodlawn)
Saahithi Paranji, grade 8, soprano (Twin Groves)
Violet Park, grade 8, flute (Twin Groves)
Luke Reaume, grade 6, bass (Woodlawn)
Alexandra Saenko, grade 8, soprano (Woodlawn)
Winnie Song, grade 8, cello, (Twin Groves)
Layla Wang, grade 8, cello (Woodlawn)
Rosie Wang, grade 7, flute (Woodlawn)
Kayleigh Weber, grade 8, soprano (Woodlawn)