Friday, April 28, 2017



Track team members: There is NO track practice today.


Good luck to our Science Olympiad team as they compete in State competition down in Champaign this weekend.


Congratulations to the 8th grade Boys Silver Volleyball team on defeating Fremont yesterday.  Shout out to Joey, AJ, Jake, Willie, Scott and Stone for working together as a team and also defending coach Nadulek!

Congratulations to the 8th grade Boys Blue Volleyball team for their win over Fremont yesterday. Jacob Safron, Shay Shaik, and Mitch Hazan gave the team an advantage with their excellent serving. Nic Bryson and Ethan Winnike had some outstanding hits while Michael Kubiak showed his solid skills both on defense and as a setter. Aidan Aghakahn, Alex Eisen, Josh Lerner, Sammy Maya, and Daniel Prodonov all contributed to the win with key plays. Great teamwork, guys!

Final chance to throw a pie in a teacher's face! Bring in your food items by Wednesday to get your raffle tickets! That is your last day to enter the contest. Have fun and help the Community Service Club donate food to needy families - it's a win win!!


The Learning Center is also participating in the food drive.  For every item donated we’ll give you a 2fer! We'll take $0.50 off your fine and you'll still get a raffle ticket to try and throw a pie in a staff member's face.


Attention all band/orchestra students: The permission slip for the end of the year music boosters party is due to Mr. Craw or Ms. Wronkiewicz TODAY! Please make sure you have all forms turned in!


The Spring Book Fair is open today through Friday this week from 7:15am to 3:15pm. Come find books for your summer reading including titles from the dreaded required summer reading list. We have books from both Woodlawn’s and Stevenson’s list for those who will be freshmen next year. You get a raffle ticket to win a poster for every book you buy. Come with cash, a check or your parent’s credit card, if they trust you with it. The sale will also be open next Monday for those who want to make one last purchase.


This message is for any student who speaks more than one language.  District 96 is looking to put together a video for new parents, using your unique language. Any student willing to participate, please e-mail Mr. Grana.